Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Waiting on God

I admit, I have quickly realized that blogging is not my thing. I've been busy being a wife and mommy and have little spare time, so when I do, blogging isn't exactly the first thing on my list of things to do. I'd usually rather read a book, watch a movie, or just go to bed early! 

But, I have decided that I am going to use my blog more just to advocate for Reece's Rainbow and all the beautiful children waiting for a family! I am constantly looking at Reece's Rainbow's website and praying for the children. Praying for these lost children to be found. Praying for hearts to be opened to them. Praying for a financial miracle in our own family so one day we can adopt. Praying, praying, praying.... 

Lately, I find myself praying often just for God to show me how I can help. We don't have as much money as I'd like to be able to give. I'm not very outgoing and able to ask people for money very well. I'm not crafty and able to create awesome items for a give-away fundraiser. I don't have a big audience to reach and tell about these children.And the list goes on. 
But that doesn't mean I can't start. I can still do something, no matter how little it seems.I can have a willing heart, which is all God needs. So for now, until I get more direction from God, I am just going to start blogging for these children and sharing my blog. Hopefully at some point I will be able to get some fundraisers going. Hopefully with my blog, and so many others, these children will start getting noticed and hearts will be stirred. 

I am so excited to see God move mountains for these children. 

Please join me in praying and advocating for the least of these. 

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