Thursday, July 12, 2012

Catch Up!

Well, I am clearly not a very good blogger. I could just say I don't have the time, which is very often true. But I also usually just don't have anything to say. 

BUT, 1 exciting thing I've been wanting to share is that KENDRA has a new, updated picture! She is beautiful and she needs a mama and daddy!! There is still no information on her except that she has Down syndrome and was born in February 2011. Interested families are able to inquire and get more info though. Look at her eyes and her face, crying out for someone to see her and love on her!!

NICO also still needs a mama and daddy to scoop him up and bring him home.Look at those beautiful eyes and gorgeous red hair! He is so lovable and sweet, why is he still waiting?! 

And there's ROBERT...also still waiting! How can someone resist Robert's joy & charm?! 

I know there are families that would scoop these children up in a heartbeat but are unable to one reason or another.  I also know there are families out there that ARE able. Maybe they haven't laid eyes on their child yet. Maybe they are trying to fight it and tell God why they can't be that family. I don't know these children personally, but I do know how much JOY they would bring to a family and how DESERVING they are to be given that chance. PLEASE, help give them that chance. If that means sharing their picture, SHARE. If it means donating, DONATE. If it means being their family, GO. 

We cannot adopt right now, we are still waiting for our mountains to be moved. But I have seen the Reece's Rainbow group and the support they have given to adopting families. It is one big family. The amount of support they give is unbelievable. I have seen mountains moved and miracles done through being a part of this group. If you have ANY questions about any of the kids, any specific countries or regions, or about how the whole process works, or anything at all, PLEASE ask and I can get you in touch with people who have answers or will get them! 

On another note, I have been sewing products to help Robert's grant.I have been able to sell some burp cloths but still have many left! (ALL proceeds go to Robert's grant! Some extra from the airplane burp cloths go to Robert as well, as that fabric was donated to me by Sheri, who loves Robert as much, if not more, than I do! :) ) 

Currently I have 4 monkey/white burp cloths left, 3 trains (2 green, 1 yellow), 9 airplanes (3 red,3 green,3 yellow), and 5 of the girly ones (all a different variation of the turtles, pink with green polka dots, and white with green polka dots)

I do have an etsy page(click here), but my inventory has changed slightly, so PLEASE message me before making any purchases to make sure the burp cloths you want are still available. I can then make you a custom listing. If you buy 2 burp cloths, they are $3 each. 3-5 burp cloths are $2.75 each and 6 or more are $2.50 each! This is a great way to buy something you already need (for yourself or it'd make a great gift!) and to help Robert! It's a win-win!! 

I almost forgot! I also have 2 very cute tote bags for sale, donated by my beautiful friend Elyse who also wants to help Robert! They are $15 each (plus shipping if needed) and the entire amount goes to Robert's grant!! You can see pictures of the inside of the bags in a few posts back. 

I am leaving Sunday for a week so if you know you want some, order today or tomorrow so I can get them sent out before I leave!

If you read this all, THANKS :) Remember how GOOD God is and count your blessings. Life is short and I hope I can honor HIM in all that I do. 

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