Monday, September 17, 2012

Exciting News & Then Some... :)

NICO has a family coming for him!! He showed up on MFFM this week. I may or may not have inside information on who his family is ;). Hopefully SOON they will be on New Commitments and they can share who they are! Nico is in a very expensive region b/c they require more trips, so prayers and donations for his family would be awesome!! I will let people know of fundraisers for his family as they come up! :)

Enoch is a new face on Reece's Rainbow, whom I had the honor of 'naming'! We are planning on naming our first born son "Enoch" but it's not heard often (or well liked!) so I was really excited for this opportunity to use it :)  Enoch is such a beautiful boy but sadly, he is 6 years old and spends his days in a crib chewing on his hands to self-sooth :(  You can see a spark in his eyes though. I am praying it won't be long for him to be noticed and on MFFM. How awesome would that be?! I have signed up to be his Zero the Zero Hero. The goal is for me to get his grant up to $100 by October 31. If you feel led, I would not be opposed to any donations! ;) Otherwise, more importantly, please pray for Enoch and share his picture. SIX years is way too long to spend in a crib all alone. 

Sign-ups for the Christmas Angel Tree Warrior Program just started this past week. The Christmas Angel Tree is Reece's Rainbow's biggest fundraiser every year that runs from November 1-December 31. Each child gets a Christmas Warrior that advocates for them and does everything they can to raise $1,000 for that child. Information on it can be found by clicking here!

As of now, we are not planning on signing up for a child b/c it's too big of a commitment for our family right now :(  But regardless, I still plan on doing what I can to raise money for several different RR kids & families (mainly Nico's family & Enoch & Kendra!)  I do much better with things like fundraising without having an expectation or time constraints...(we'll see how well that goes for me when the day comes that we can adopt! ;) ) 

Anyways, once again, if you feel led & have the time and heart for this, I encourage you to look into it and choose a child to be a Christmas Warrior for. (If you need any suggestions, sweet Kendra still needs a Christmas Warrior! I'll do what I can to help! ;) ) 

When the Angel Tree starts, I will be sure to share the fundraisers everyone is doing for their kiddos & hopefully you can find one you like and can support. I can't wait to see what everyone is doing!!

Speaking of fundraisers, I have been building my Etsy inventory! Feel free to check it out! Every month I will donate all proceeds from sales to a RR child or family. I can let you know specifically at time of purchase who the money will go to, but unless there's an urgent need or matching grant opportunity for a certain child/family, it will probably be going to Nico's family. I guess first I need to see how much I'm able to sell & then I'll go from there...don't want to get ahead of myself!
Here are some pictures of some things I've been making... :)

Lined Drawstring Bag-flowers

Girl's John Deere ApronGirl's Kitchen ApronLittle Boy's Robot Apron

I have the bags & aprons done & posted on my etsy (click here) but I have sold some of the crayon rolls & still need to make more to post on etsy. One of my ideas is to make a crayon roll for each activity bag and include a pad of paper, small books, etc. They would make perfect activity bags for at church, the doctor's office, in the car, anywhere your child needs to stay quiet & busy! :)  If you have any thoughts on it or are interested, please let me know! I will be buying fabric this week to make some boy ones...I have plenty of girl fabric but am lacking in the boy department! 

I would love to sell products, but I can only do that if there's interest! So seriously, please give me feedback on what products you or others would be interested in!! Feel free to share my page to anyone that may be interested! It's not too early for Christmas shopping!! ;) 

Well, that's probably plenty for one night (& knowing my blogging habits, the next 2 months!)  If you read this, thank-you. If you prayed or shared or donated, thank you! 


  1. I am SO happy he has a family coming for him but I am slightly sad that is wasn't us. But God had other plans. And that, that I have to be fine with.

    Can't wait to find our more about who his family is. Till then I will keep sweet Nico and his family in my prayers.

  2. Love the aprons! Would be awesome if we could find some type of children's center (daycare, preschool) to buy them! I am gonna work on this for you? How long do they take to make?

    1. That would be awesome! The only concern is that I don't have a lot of time to make them, I sometimes have 1-2 hrs during nap time and after my girls go to bed, around 9 pm so however long into the night I want to stay up sewing :) They are easy and don't take too long when I do have the time, I think I can safely say that I could make 4 in a week.. If you find out anything, let me know and I can see what I can do, depending on the need/want! Thanks so much!