Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a little of this & that

Forrest is on My Family Found Me!! I have LOVED this boy & am so happy to see him on MFFM, can't wait to find out more about his family!!

Kendra has a Christmas Warrior! After a few weeks of no one committing to be her Christmas Warrior, Jayson & I started talking & praying about if it was something God wanted for us to do as a family. By that night, someone else had already committed. She has some new pictures and she is SOO cute, I love her so much! 

It was my goal to raise $100 for Enoch by October 31. On October 4, I had a moment of panic when I realized it was already October and that I had to raise it by the end of THIS month. I was collecting pop bottles, mostly from family & friends but hadn't made it out door to door yet. I decided to do it that night, but as soon as I got to my parents to get the wagon and had the girls ready, it was raining. Sometime inbetween my moment of panic that morning & later that night, Enoch went from $28 to $111!!! Some was from pop bottles generously donated but I have no idea who else helped, I am so thankful to everyone that donated money and/or pop bottles!!! THANK YOU!!!

Nico's family has an iPad giveaway going on for the month of October!
You can visit Kara's blog here to get all the details! You will get an entry into the giveaway for every $5 donated! You can donate to their ChipIn or to their Family Sponsorship Page (tax deductible) on Reece's Rainbow. The funds to their ChipIn will help them NOW. Their family sponsorship funds will help them for travel expenses later. If you donate to their ChipIn though, you will get double entries! :)   Nico is in a very expensive region & they have a lot of money to raise, so I'd love it if you'd at least check the giveaway out or consider sharing it! 

Zannen is being adopted by the Rutherford's, who are from West Michigan!! I'm so excited for a local family to be adopting from Reece's Rainbow!! This Saturday they are walking in a Step Up for Down Syndrome walk. They have decorated a wagon with TONS of pictures of waiting children to help raise awareness. They are also working hard to raise funds to bring Zannen home. If you would like to make a pledge to help support their walk, you can do so here on their Family Sponsorship Page!! Prayers & donations would be awesome to help encourage this family & show them support!! 

I have been on a gluten free diet for a couple months. For whatever reason, this time it hasn't been a huge struggle for me to be on it. I try to eat naturally gluten free b/c gluten free products are EXPENSIVE & often taste AWFUL!! WELL, I want to tell you, we found the most AMAZING pizza crust! Even Jayson loves it (which is very rare, mind you!!) & it's only $3.50ish.  So incase you or someone you know is on a gluten free diet and looking for a good gluten free pizza, try this one!!! :) 

We sold our trailer about a month ago. We need to move out by December 20 so we have been on the hunt for a new home! Our plan is to move into Kent County so that Jayson can have in-district tuition rates for GRCC. Luckily we have some time b/c it has not been easy or fun trying to find a place that has enough space for us, is within our budget, is in a good location, etc. We have looked at a 4-plex, a land contract, a house for rent. Ideally we wanted to rent a house or duplex that would give us enough space for awhile and not have to worry about having to move again in the next couple years if we have another child. But now, we are thinking we will probably keep it simple (for now) and just move to a 2 bedroom apartment at Ramblewood. It wouldn't be a lot further from Jayson's work and is in a central location...it's close to Target, Meijer, the mall, everything I would need! :)  If our family grows in the next couple years, we'd just have to take it as it comes and go from there. BUT, if anyone knows of anything for rent in Kent County, let me know! Still keeping our options open! :)

That's about all I have for tonight, so now I'll just leave you with a couple pictures of my adorable, growing girls!!

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  1. Your girls are precious. Good luck on finding a place to move. And thank you so much for sharing our giveaway!