Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is Alexys at 10 months old, the same age that Addyson is right now. I really wish that I had a camera so I could get some pictures of Addyson so you could see how much they look alike!! Phone pictures just aren't the same quality. When I look at baby pictures of Alexys & watch videos of her, I have to keep reminding myself that it's Alexys and not Addyson. 

Now my "baby" girl is almost 3!! Her favorite things are horses, playing at the park, chewing/eating gum, watching movies,singing, & dancing. Her lamb still goes everywhere with her. Her vocabulary has sky rocketed. She talks with complete sentences and thoughts most of the time now. She's full of "WHY?" She wants to do EVERYTHING by herself now like putting on her clothes,her shoes, getting on the toilet,opening and closing doors,etc. She thinks it's hilarious to waddle out of the bathroom with her pants and underwear at her ankles and yell "hey mom, look at my pants!" She likes to imitate Addyson all the time...if Addyson is doing blanket time, Alexys wants to do blanket time. If Addyson is crawling around, so is Alexys.(I thought it'd be the other way around! haha)  I LOVE when Addyson wakes up and Alexys gets SO exited and yells in her face "GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL!!"  I love when Alexys pretends to be the adult and acts all sweet to me saying "Oh honey, it's okay. Go to sleep honey", as she strokes my arm and gives me kisses. Alexys loves watching "Signing Time" and has been learning SO many signs so quickly. She loves to teach them to Addyson. I think it's hilarious when she yells "Mom, I have to poop!" out in public and wonder at what age she'll realize that's not appropriate to do anymore. Alexys has become shy and reserved when in a new situation but it usually doesn't take long until she warms up and gets really goofy. At her first gymnastics class, she didn't want to do the warm ups but by the 2nd activity, she was quickly volunteering and helping the teacher with showing the class how to do everything. Tonight when we were doing her gymnastic stretches, pretending to make a pizza, I asked what she wanted on it.  Her first topping was "sugar!" Her next ones were "pepper & salt!"  At dinner tonight, I caught her "drinking" out of the grated parmesan cheese container. 

Then there's my baby girl, Addyson!! I can't believe she 10 months old already!! She acts so much older than that! She is a busy, busy girl!! She's been walking for over a month now. She took her first steps days before she turned 9 months and took off from there! She's got the cutest waddle you've ever seen! :) I never thought it'd be so hard to keep up with a 10 month old. She is always trying to keep up with Alexys and gets frustrated when she can't. She now climbs up and over and around everything. Even a buckle can't keep her strapped down in the high chair or stroller. If I want any chance to keep her busy & distracted , food is my best bet. When we're in the store, french fries seem to do the trick (healthy, I know). She does NOT stay seated in grocery carts so I usually end up having to hold her while pushing a cart with Alexys in the front, trying to shop at the same time. This girl LOVES to eat!! Unfortunately, she thinks she's too old now for the boring foods like cheerios or chex. Her looks could kill when food comes out and she's not getting any. She will lunge very quickly to grab food out of anyone's hands if she gets the chance. She loves to swing at the park. She has the biggest smile and is so full of JOY.  Addyson is a pacifier girl, and I swear, I will never let another child of mine have a pacifier. She used to have one with a lamb attached and somehow it got lost this week. We now have one without the lamb, but I can easily spend an hour a day looking for the darn thing. Anytime she drops it, it bounces. I've had to go back through parking lots and stores to find it. I'm always moving the crib now b/c it fell behind it. Today she managed to stick her hand in the toilet while Alexys was peeing, and dropped it in the toilet. She LOVES water whether it be water in the dog bowl or taking a bath. She will try to sneak into the bathroom any chance she gets and tries climbing into the bathtub. She has started imitating lately and it's SO cute. I especially love her Indian noise...where she opens her mouth and hits her hand on it over and over while making the Indian noise (I think that's what people call it, does anyone know what I'm talking about?!) She started doing it on her own but now she'll do it anytime someone does it to her. She started signing her first sign the other day, "milk". She gives high fives. She is GREAT for everyone, except for me. She cries when I'm around or if I walk into the same room as her & then leave or walk by her and don't pick her up. (Not all the time, but much more often than I'd like!) Lately, her hair has been looking auburn & I'm so excited!! 

The older the girls get, the funner they are to watch together! The sound of them laughing hysterically together is music to my ears. Alexys is starting to look out for Addyson more, always coming in to wake me up if Addyson is crying and picking things up for her when she drops them. I love listening to them "talk" at night when we put them to bed, sometimes waking up to find them sleeping together in the crib. 

My girls are awesome. LOVE them & can't wait to see them get closer and be best friends as they grow up :) 
<3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3


  1. Beautiful girls! I love that they are different but so sweet! I also love that you are getting a strawberry blonde and an auburn haired girl!
    A suggestion about the paci... get more than one! We had about 6. When it was time to wean, we cut them down to naps/bedtime only, only kept 2 out, (because by that age, she wasn't dropping them at night) and then started by cutting a tiny slit in the ends. Over 2 weeks, we cut more and more off the end until there was nothing left to hang on to. I really liked the paci for Adelynn, although, if #2 chooses his/her thumb... that will be fine with me too :)

    1. Thanks Cassi!! I know, I am SO excited for a strawberry blonde AND auburn girl...I'm hoping we have a boy next with firery red hair so we can have the whole spectrum! haha I will have to get more pacis, when we had the lamb one, we NEVER lost it so I never thought about it but now that its been gone for a couple weeks, I have finally given up looking for it and will just have to buy more regular ones... cutting it down to nap/bedtime is such a great idea....Thanks for all your suggestions!!