Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's a...

Alexys wanted to share that she was right, baby #3 is a.... 

Yup, Alexys & Addyson are going to have a baby sister! 

Alexys & Addyson had a ton of fun with the balloons I got for them. I was hoping to have a cute announcement with them but unfortunately, I didn't get very many good pictures. It was still worth it though! Alexys has been sick all week so it was nice to see some energy from her. "Mom! I LOVE the balloons!" "Isn't this great mom!?" "Mom, don't I need some cake to go with the balloons?" "Mom, it's my birthday!" I guess I shouldn't get her balloons too often or she'll think it's her birthday all the time! ;)   Addyson couldn't seem to hold onto her balloons so they were always looking up at them on the ceiling! 

Here are a couple more cute videos to enjoy :)  The 2nd video is more of a blooper...*silence...."what?"....* :) We went through a LOT of attempts to get a video of her saying "girl". 

I guess every last hope that I had in old wives tales is out the window!  I have learned personally that little sickness does NOT mean it's a boy ;) I guess nothing is completely official until baby is born buuut... I'm guessing that the ultrasound tech knows what she is doing & knows girl parts when she sees them, hopefully! ;) 

We are very excited to welcome little miss Natalie Marie into our family! She won't be born on Christmas day, as her name means, but we did announce her pregnancy last Christmas! We already had her name picked out but it seems to fit perfectly :) 

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