Monday, February 11, 2013

Moments to Remember

Five minutes after waking up Alexys says "Hey Mom, there's a man coming over today." I ask her who and she says "Oh just a man. He's bringing me a Hello Kitty cake."

Alexys wanted me to stay in the bathroom with her while she was pooping b/c she didn't want to fall in. Suddenly she yells "Mom, there were two! It had babies!"

I was straightening my hair and she says "Mom, be careful! That's really hot. If you get an owie, you will fall backwards into the bath tub and that's going to be a bad owie."

I asked Alexys what she wanted to do today. "I want to go to the library, ride the horsie at the mall, and play with Hayla. That's all."

Alexys has been in a ballet/tap dance class for a few weeks now and she LOVES it. It is such a drastic difference from her gymnastics class. At gymnastics, she didn't usually participate and she would scream and run around a lot. At dance, it's the same 8 girls every week in the class that are the same age and she participates and is catching on quickly. Every week as she is walking out of class, she says "Mom, I want to go to dance class!" And then she talks about it ALL week. Her dancing around the house has become more ballerina like & I like that she has learned to tip toe there so she doesn't go stomping around the house :)  Now I quietly hear her saying "Tip toe, tip toe, tip toe..." 

I can't believe how grown up Alexys is but she is SO fun & I love listening to her talk and watching her imagination play out. She loves playing hide and seek, but will jump out and yell "here I am!" before you even have a chance to look for her. She loves letters and when she sees signs she yells "Look Mom, there's letters!"  She associates each letter with different objects, more than knowing what the name of each letter is. The other day she was playing with her letter blocks and found 3 I's. She was so excited, "Here's 3 ice creams, mom!" Whenever she sees an "A" she says "It's my name!" I think she can identify the beginning letter to every extended family member and all her favorite things. We're working on the letter names but in the meantime I'm enjoying this beginning stage and how cute she is :) 

The age has hit where we need to be much more careful with how we talk around Alexys and the emotions we show. She repeats things we wouldn't want her to and the wrong tone can send her into hysteria. She is very perceptive. There have been a couple times that I have cried and she talks about it for days or weeks. My phone was stolen at the post office about a month ago when Alexys was with me, and after having a bad morning already and extra pregnancy hormones, I started crying. When we got home, Jayson & Alexys went to get a new phone. The rest of the day, and sometimes still, Alexys will talk about it. "Hey Mom, remember when you lost your phone and you cried? I got you a new one! A pink one! Do you like it?" She heard me mad on the phone the other day and when Jayson got home she said "Dad, mom was crazy! She was on the phone and mad!"  It is very humbling and a good heart check when I realize the way my daughter perceives things and how they affect her. 

Addyson is our goofball. She loves to find accessories to wear and will walk around the living room smiling, knowing she is being cute! It is anything from bead necklaces, sunglasses, my old glasses, my shoes or Alexys' boots, hats that are way too big. She is almost making silly faces or noises and loves getting a big reaction. When I get her up from her naps, she usually has her face planted into the mesh of the pack & play and loves when I put my face on the other side of it to give her a kiss. She LOVES giving her wet, sloppy, open mouthed kisses and will give you a hug almost any time you ask for one. She thinks zorbets (or raspberries) are the funniest thing and loves giving them to Alexys. I try to get videos of her, but of course she stops doing whatever she is doing by the time I start recording. 

Addyson is also our climber. She climbs anything and everything. Keeping up with her is exhausting, to say the least! We are working on "no touch" and "no climbing" but there are some places (like the computer desk and kitchen table) that are taking MUCH longer to teach her not to climb. I have quickly learned not to keep any burning candles, sharp objects, important papers, or sewing stuff on the table. Her newest climbing spots are up the bunk bed ladder and up my headboard. Even when she falls, she doesn't learn! She just keeps doing it. She loves the thrill. When you tell her not to fall, her smile gets bigger and she can't contain her excitement. Fortunately, with how busy Addyson is, she also needs a lot of rest! She still takes 2 naps, the afternoon nap being 2-3 hours and a lot of nights it's hard keeping her up until bedtime b/c she's so tired. 

Alexys & Addyson have been getting along a lot better lately, since Addyson is old enough that they can play together better. But with that also comes more fights now that Addyson is also old enough to put up a fight when a toy gets taken away from her or she doesn't get her way. It can get interesting (& overwhelming!) but hopefully soon they will figure it out and I'll have less fights to break up! It's really cute to watch the girls hug & kiss throughout the day. Or to watch the girls walk together, with Alexys' hand on Addyson's back. Every once in awhile, Alexys will share one of her lambs with Addyson (It is a huge honor for Alexys to share one of her lambs!) They always want to sleep together but that just doesn't work b/c then they don't sleep! At nap time, they need to be completely separated. Now at bed time, I put them to bed at different times (which may or may not always work!)

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