Wednesday, February 13, 2013

All about Baby #3

Announcing our bun in the oven!

Back in November, we found out we are expecting baby #3! Due date is July 27,2013. It seems like I've been pregnant forever, yet it is going by so much faster than my first two pregnancies. I'm so busy with my girls and have had very little sickness, so it's often easy to forget that I'm pregnant! I can't believe that in only 2 weeks we have our mid-way ultrasound & can find out the gender! 

This pregnancy is SO different than my last two. So yes, I do sort of believe the old wives tale that I am probably having a boy. With Alexys I craved skittles. With Addyson I craved white sprinkled donuts, soft serve ice cream and Mc Donald's coke. With this one, I crave everything. It's always changing though. One day all I want to eat is peanut butter bagels. Another day it's chocolate shakes. One day I craved a Milky Way, the next day Jayson bought me another and it didn't sound good anymore.  I go back and forth between salty and sweets (so that old wives tale isn't really helping much! Before my first ultrasound, I seriously wondered if I could be having twins, 1 boy & 1 girl!) Right now I love potato chips and am leaning more toward salty food, so maybe it is a boy after all ;)  But seriously, all I want to do is EAT. So even aside from the old wives tales, that also makes me think it just HAS to be a boy! 

Surprisingly, in the first 16 weeks of this pregnancy, I've only gained 3 lbs. (You would never know by looking at me) Before this pregnancy, I weighed a little less than my pre-pregnancy weight with Alexys. (yay!) Now, at 16 weeks pregnant, I am the same weight that I was before Alexys but yet my stomach is much bigger! It amazes me how different my body can be at the same weight. I don't love watching my belly grow bigger and bigger at a much faster rate with this pregnancy, but seriously, I also cannot wait until I actually look pregnant and not like I've just eaten too many donuts (even if I have..) 

16.5 weeks pregnant with baby #3
I have to laugh when I think back to my first pregnancy. I was so excited and I wanted to show so badly. At my 11 week ob appointment, I wore maternity jeans b/c I was so excited even though I clearly didn't need to yet. Now, I try sucking in so that my belly ISN'T so big and am trying to put off maternity clothes for as long as possible. Honestly though, now I just buy bigger normal clothes. Maternity clothes are not flattering, unless  you have plenty of money to spend on them (then maybe), which I definitely do not. 

Our ultrasound is on Tuesday February 26. We have decided to find out the gender. However, we are going to have the ultrasound tech write it down in a card, have it sealed up, and wait until date night that weekend to open it privately. Once we find out and share with family, I will make sure to let everyone know ;)  

So what do you think? Will we be having a boy, Enoch David? Or a girl, Natalie Marie? 

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